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What I can do for you


Digital Strategy & SEO Consulting

From a business point of view, there are 3 key strategic objectives:

  • Increasing revenue
  • Increasing profit
  • Winning (in zero sum situations)

Your SEO strategy, digital marketing strategy and all employed tactics should be aligned with your overall business objectives. I can help you achieve that – no matter what you hire me to do.



SEO Audits & Website Optimization

Visitors and search engines need to be able to navigate and understand your website effortlessly. This relies on a great user experience, site structure and technical infrastructure.

Applying years of experience and a wide array of professional analysis tools allows me to provide extensive website audits with clear instructions on how to improve your website. Those instructions can serve as briefings for your team  or the improvements  can be outsourced to me.


SEO Copywriting1

Hands-On SEO & Content Marketing

You are busy. Your team is busy. You don’t have the resources to write 3 top notch blog posts per week and share helpful content on twitter all day. No worries, let me handle all of that for you.

Hire me as a single point of contact and project manager. While I will provide the SEO expertise, I will build a bespoke temporary team for your marketing and web development related work, such as:

  • SEO related needs (link building, keyword research, competitor research … )
  • Content marketing related tasks (content creation, design, guestblogging … )
  • Web and application development